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Serve as a Compact Scholar Mentor (paid position)

You will serve as an academic mentor to incoming first-time freshmen Compact Scholars, sometimes provide light clerical support of division-wide programs, occasionally provide fill-in monitoring for the DAESA Student Learning Lounge, and more. Students are hired on a term-by-term basis and are usually approved to work 8-10 hours per week depending on specific assignments. However, additional hours (up to 20 hours per week total) may be determined by the student and their supervisorWe accept rolling applications year round, and hire as needed, usually in spring and summer. Positions start at $12/hr.

Volunteer with Compact Scholars (unpaid position)

We offer several opportunities for Compact Scholars to volunteer for campus events and Compact Scholars initiatives. Typical volunteer opportunities include:

  • Help us run a large-scale event like our freshman welcome reception or our graduation celebration. This might include registering attendees, event set-up or tear-down, etc.
  • Serve on a Compact Scholars event panel We are always looking for Compact Scholars who can talk about their experiential learning activities (first-year learning community, study abroad, internships, research experience, service learning/community service, etc.), life as a commuter student or residential student (lives on campus), or students who have found creative ways to successfully negotiate the university experience.
  • Let us feature your story on our blog/media. Are you a current student or alumnus with a story to tell? You’d be how inspiring it can be for students to hear about your successes and stories of how you’ve overcome challenges. If you’d like to volunteer to be featured on our blog/media, we’d love to interview you!

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If you are interested in obtaining student employment, or just volunteering for the Compact Scholars Program, you can apply with one simple application by clicking on the “Work With Us!” button on your right.


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