Employment Opportunities

Give Back to the South Bay Community:

If you desire to work with middle school and/or high school students in the Sweetwater Union High School District, we encourage you to seek out employment as a Compact for Success Advisor.

Employment with SDSU’s Casa Azteca Program is yet another way to give back to students from the South Bay area. Positions for this program open up during the summer term prior to each academic year.

Job Searching:

Located in the Career Resources Room (SSW 1208), the Student Employment office is a free resource available to currently enrolled SDSU students, as well as students that graduated within the past three months. This office maintains listings for internships and part-time jobs – including campus, volunteer, service-learning, and seasonal positions – related to a variety of majors and career paths.

Aztec Career Connection is a comprehensive online resource available 24/7. It provides career-related assistance from polishing your résumé, to scheduling on-campus interviews, to reserving a seat at an upcoming workshop, and much more! To get started, create your profile on Aztec Career Connection.