History Of The Compact

Ed Brand, former Superintendent of the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD), and SDSU President, Stephen L. Weber, met in 1999 to chart a course that would bring these two educational institutions together to create the Compact for Success. Its goal: to increase the number of Sweetwater students attending, and graduating from, SDSU. The partnership would involve SUHSD teachers working side-by-side with SDSU faculty to examine the rigor and alignment of math and English course offerings, and to design a school curriculum that would meet specific requirements for college admissions.

All Sweetwater students meeting academic benchmarks set for the Compact would be guaranteed admission to SDSU. The Compact for Success was officially launched in 2000 when the first group of 7th grade students enrolled in the program. In fall 2006, 201 of these students began their freshman year at SDSU when they enrolled as “Compact Scholars.” Their graduation goals continued to be supported at SDSU through the Compact Scholars Program. Each year sees a growth in the number of Sweetwater students involved in Compact activities. The first cohort of Compact Scholars graduated from SDSU in May 2010. [Learn More.]